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SiteHawk System

Remote Asset Management - Simplified

We provide a complete solution for remote monitor and control of industrial systems.

SiteHawk Overview

Our tailored hardware and software systems provide real-time oversight of your remote assets -- fault detection, health prediction and systemic control. Always know the status of your remote assets.
Industrial Hardware

We provide commercial hardware that is tailored to the infrastructure of the application -- Telecom/Cellular Sites, Public Safety, Utilities, etc. All of our industrial-grade hardware is made to withstand the rigors of difficult environments.

Mobile / Web Interfaces

Never again worry about something going wrong at one of your facilities. We provide simple mobile and web interfaces that 'just work'. If something is out of spec, you receive alerts right to your phone or email.

Configurable Systems

We offer pluggable modules to monitor and control a variety of different asset types -- Communications, Power, Security, Environmental, etc. Contact us for more information on a system tailored to your needs!

Sample Use Cases

Cellular / Radio Tower Monitoring

Cell-tower sites contain many critical hardware components utilized by both real-estate corporations and their tenants. Retrofitting a tower with a SiteHawk system ensures the safety of the equipment by providing continuous telemetry information.

Tenants and owners alike can feel at ease knowing that the vital signs of their assets are being monitored at all times.

Instrument your tower location today

Emergency Management / Public Safety

For mission-critical components. SiteHawk provides real-time monitoring of your critical hardware components. Ensure safety by knowing your equipment will not fail.

Be prepared for when the time comes.

See our emergency instrumentation case

Critical Infrastructure

More than 90% of our country's insfrastructure is unattended. We can provide early warning to failure due to wear or tampering. Your equipment and other assets are important to you. Let us help you keep an eye on your remote assets at all times.

Make your infrastructure measurable

Instant Value

Improved operational reliability through remote monitoring, notification and control

Reduce site maintenance costs by optimizing site trips and on-site repair time

Detailed site telemetry facilitates bringing the right replacement parts for repair

Industrial qualtiy, American-made products

Easy communications with your site. You're just a click away, from anywhere in the world!

Fault prediction capabilities - leading to efficient use of resources and less wasted trips

User Interfaces from this century

Forget the complicated & antiquated User Interfaces (UI) of the past. SiteHawk provides a modern, flexible, clean, and easy to interpret UI for the 21st century. Harness the power of our control center on any web browser or mobile device.

Easy to understand readouts -- quickly understand what is happening at any of your locations.

  • Black Mountain, CA Name
  • Main building, Cabinet 2 Device Location
  • 27 Control Network Address
  • 1


    Door Open Trigger
  • 2


    Motion Detector

Extensive control capabilities based on your site needs.

  • Tower Lighting
  • Battery Charger
  • Rack 2 Computer
  • Security Alarms

Smart Alert system to let you know when something needs your attention - notification by text or email.

Alert Time Date
Door Alarm 1:38 A.M. Today
Power Restored 8:28 P.M. 12/9/16
Generator Running 6:19 P.M. 12/9/16
Motion Detected 11:59 A.M. 12/5/16
Battery Voltage Alarm 2:37 P.M. 11/19/16
Temperature Alarm 2:18 P.M. 7/18/16

Robust infrastructure to ensure always-functioning equipment

The SiteHawk system uses a blend of cloud technology, cellular and ethernet functionality to build a robust infrastructure to remotely monitor and control your systems and assets.

American Quality - American Made

SiteHawk products are guaranteed to be contructed with the highest quality parts and assembled on American soil. We believe product quality and reliability is of the utmost importance when working with mission critical hardware - and why all SiteHawk products are built with care and attention in America.

Based in Silicon Valley, the SiteHawk teams ensures the latest quality of products both in hardware & software.

All software is written, inspected and maintained by the SiteHawk team right here in Silicon Valley. Ladera Labs ensures that all hardware is assembled and tested for quality in our facility to our standards.

Cost Calculator

Using our online tool, you can estimate just how much it costs per service call and how much you can save by avoiding a trip when using the SiteHawk system from Ladera Labs.

Calculate Your Cost

Enter your estimated amounts and see your total yearly cost savings!

Number of 8-hour days travelling/debugging per month: days
Hourly wage or rate: $/h
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Total cost per year:

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